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Survey sites are often pretty easy to come by. In fact, if you’ve ever been unemployed or have looked for easy ways to make money online, chances are you’ve come across several sites offering you money to take surveys. However, given the prevalence of these sites, it’s hard to tell what is real and what is just a scam. Survey sites are one option that comes up frequently–but how can you use them without getting scammed? And even if a site is legitimate, how do you guarantee that they will actually give rewards for surveys completed?

Not all survey sites are created equal–some have more opportunities than others, and payout rates vary. To determine if a site is legitimate, consider the following tips:

Here are some preliminary criteria to look for:

  • Any promises for large payouts is a red flag, unless it’s a specialty survey or focus group.
  • You will not need to input any sensitive information (for example, your SSN).
  • It is advisable that the website has a privacy policy.
  • You should not have to give payment information during sign-up.
  • The rewards should be easy to spot and understand.
  • Contact information should be easy to locate.

Social media and review websites are great places to check the validity of a survey site before participating. Comments from people who have used the site can be really helpful in determining if it’s worth your time.

Review the survey and reward options before you begin. Some platforms doles out cash, while others utilize a point system that can later be used to trade for gift cards or other prizes. Don’t forget to take some time first to understand how the website works!

How frequently do legitimate survey sites send you surveys?

Because not every person qualifies for every survey, there may be days where you don’t receive a survey. To fix this issue, make sure to fill out the information section truthfully and carefully so that the company can send you surveys that you’re more likely to qualify for. This way, you’ll receive more Surveys overall and have a greater chance of qualifying for each one.

Authentic survey sites rarely send you surveys every day because they may not always have a project ready for you. Instead of only joining one panel company, try to join many different companies so that you’re more likely to qualify for daily opportunities. This way, you can get multiple surveys per day andSupplement your income by taking online surveys.

In order to “cash out” and receive your rewards, you need a certain number of points which you earn by participating in different surveys. Focus on the best panel companies first so that you can rack up points quickly and get your reward faster.

Lastly, watch for the types of “surveys” in your inbox. The surveys should come from credible market research companies and panels—not spammy promotions. If you get any offers that seem fishy, immediately unsubscribe from the survey site. Trustworthy companies include an easy way to opt-out of future communication in every email they send—usually at the bottom of the message or on a website login or dashboard page somewhere.

By following these tips, you can tell if a survey site is legit and determine which one offers the best rewards for your efforts. Don’t be afraid to take surveys online—with the right research, you’re sure to find companies that offer genuine opportunities with real rewards.

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