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The name Nielsen Research is likely familiar. After all, it is the well-known company behind the famous Neilson TV Ratings. The Nielsen company has been conducting consumer and market research for well over 90 years, so they have a reputable name and history. However, their Computer & Mobile Panel is a bit different. It is this aspect that we are going to consider today.

What is The Neilson Computer & Mobile Panel?

The Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is basically an app you add to your computer, mobile device or tablet. The app tracks your online activity and how you use your device. The app is completely passive, meaning you just install it and forget it, it does the rest.

Why is Passive Information From Your Device Valuable?

You might wonder why it would benefit a company to know what you are doing online. Well, according to some stats, 14.3% of all retail sales came from online shopping as of 2018. This number continues to grow. Therefore, what you are doing online is extremely valuable to many companies.

Computer & Mobile Panel Sign Up Process

What is Needed? Getting started with the app is super simple. Do the following:

  • Confirm your email address after signing up.
  • Answer some simple questions relating to your personal demographic.
  • Share how many devices you have and decide which you want to register. It’s worth noting that you are not required to register every device you own.
  • Then, install the app and proceed as usual.

(For most people the entire process takes around 15 minutes.)

What Information Does The Company Collect?

Although you might be a little hesitant at first to allow an app to collect your data, Neilson doesn’t collect, store or share every ounce of your data. Only specific information that’s valuable to companies. Your name and birth date will be stored, but that is needed to place you in a specific demographic and create a profile that allows companies to best utilize your information. The following is other information the app will collect once installed:

  • What websites you visit.
  • How long you stay on various sites.
  • What time of day you choose to visit.
  • Your internet usage and general amount of online activity.
  • The app also stores the length, date and time of your phone calls, but doesn’t store the numbers you get calls from or call.
  • It also monitors your device’s network performance and battery life.

What Data Will Neilson Not Collect?

Almost more important that what data is collected by Neilson is what they won’t store. Neilson will not collect:

  • Your social security numbers or banking passwords or ID.
  • Your personal information from websites, such as online shopping forms.
  • It will not sell your identifying information to third parties.

Is it Safe? In actuality, this app collects far less data than some websites do during your visit. Facebook for example, collects more data without asking for permission.

What Devices Work With The Computer & Mobile Panel App?

Any devices operating iOS8 or greater or operating Android 4 or greater will work. Also, desktop and laptop computers.

How do You Make Money With Neilson Computer & Mobile Panel?

Now we get to the bottom line, how does this all translate to money in your pocket? Neilson pays using a reward system. You will be given points which can then be redeemed for Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and other gift cards. You will have a profile page where you can view your points. Around 800 points equals about $5. You will need to accumulate at least this much before you transfer points to a gift card. Your points are added to your profile on a monthly basis. Typical earnings for the app are around $50 in rewards, yearly.

Sum Up

In conclusion, this is truly “passive income.” The app just hangs out while you go about your life. Therefore, you won’t make a fortune with it, but hey, it’s essentially free money, so why not?

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